Morten Bruhn’s ‘2012 Mix’


Every year at this time, we face the inevitable wave of blogs and webpages picking and deciding the best songs, albums, mixes, remixes and dj-hair cuts from the passing year. I have had my fair share of contributing to this matter, when I both in 2010 and 2011 picked my personal favorites within electronic music – and if anyone should care for taking a dive into old classics, I suggest you to take a look at it here. However, while 2012 faces its dusk, I found it only mildly attracting to continue down the same line as former years. It has been good fun, and it did feel like a great accomplishment, picking up my favorite 50 dancefloor tunes as I did last year, with Daphni‘s still immortal Ye Ye as my number one. However, this year, I felt like doing something different, creating a two hour long recorded mix, consisting of 26 tunes that helped define 2012 for me personally. I have felt a great honour in dj’ing and having these tunes nearby, whenever the vibe would call for a screamer, so I decided to blend the experience that I have had in playing these tunes with my litterate work done for Regnsky – this time in English, yes.

In this mix, I have grabbed anything regardless of the tunes’ limitating genre definitions, which is sometimes obviously reflected in some sketchy mixes, even though I’m proud of the final outcome. The best housey LP this year came, in my perspective, without a doubt from the German master Jacob Korn and his conceptual debut album ‘You And Me’, where he would collaborate with another producer on each individual track. This caused me to include the bassy, unstoppable belter Heteronomous, produced together with his Dresden compatriot Sneaker, which genre I guess Beatport these days would describe as being ‘hipster house’ – that nonchalant flair, that can be heard from the trembling, acidy bassline with almost Kraftwerky vocal samples. Mano Le Tough, who just yesterday announced the upcoming release of his debut album, also claims a feature for his mellow sugar cane Mountains, coming out back in March and thus setting the perfect mood for the early night chills at the foot of springtime. Artists like Boddika, Omar-S and Todd Terje were destined to partake in this mix for ages, having also released their smashing tracks in the mere beginning of 2012, seperatly with Acid Jackson, Wayne County Hill Cops and Inspector Norse, the latter probably being my tune of the year (it got released on Januray 10!).

This mix is not just an elitist gathering for the many international players in this mix – Danish producers Henrik Koefod and Rewolmer also came to my attention for their notorious, straight ahead slow jam Cerrone, coming out on the independent (as for now) web-only record label Polaron, a label I suggest everyone to watch out for in the upcoming year.
There are 26 tunes to be found in this mix, and I so hope you will enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed playing and discovering these tracks in 2012. This year, that we will soon discard in exchange for the promising 2013, has surely been a blast, and I wish this mix to be a great example of the sounds we hear, when we are eventually thinking back to the year of 2012.

2012 Mix by Mortennnbruhnnn on Mixcloud

[spoiler show=”Tracklist:”]Jacob Mikesh Filburt – Phillip Dolphia

Storm Queen – Let’s Make Mistakes
Henrik Koefod & Rewolmer – Cerrone
Bicep – Getcha Boi
Jacob Korn – Heteronomous
Mano Le Tough – Mountains
R-A-G – Black Rain (Analogue Mix)
Xosar – Rainy Days Juno Jam
Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
October, Borai – String Theory (Polarius Remix)
Gerry Read – 90s Prostitution Racket
Omar-S – Wayne County Hill Cops
Scuba – Hope (Recondite Remix)
Recondite – Jaded (Scuba Remix)
Julio Bashmore – Au Neve
Boddika – Acid Jackson
Funkineven & Fatima – Phoneline
George Fitzgerald – Lights Out
Ricardo Tobar – Together
Jon Convex – Stay
Head High – Dirt
Lucy – Finnegan (Pariah Remix)
Andres – New For U
Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
Roman Flugel – Cookie Dust
Illum Sphere – H808er[/spoiler]


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